The Cairnbrogie Dairy

Established in 1985, the 650 head of cross bred cows on the Cairnbrogie farm are pasture fed, free to roam, happy bovines. Our delicious milk is produced on site and distributed to outlets around the country via The Farmer's Dairy.

What makes our milk different

The Cairnbrogie milk is as fresh as it can be. Using ground-breaking photopurifying technology, the milk is UV treated to ensure it's 100% raw and 100% safe milk. The Cairnbrogie policy for our herd of 650 Jersey cows: Happy cows make happy milk.

Dairy visits

Delight the kids with a real-life farm experience every Monday and Thursday afternoon as they watch (and in some cases even help) the cows and calves come in for feeding time.

Where to buy our milk

Our milk is available in a number of local supermarkets, and can also be ordered through The Farmers Dairy.

Visit The Farmers Dairy website

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