What is The Robberg Coastal Corridor?

In a groundbreaking, never been tried before land conservation approach, a few visionary landowners made application to the Minister for Environmental Affairs and Development Planning of the Western Cape province to declare its members’ properties a Protected Environment (PE) in terms of the national Environmental Management: Protected Areas Act. The minister, Anton Bredell, signed the declaration on Monday the 31st August 2015.

It’s environmental importance

The Robberg Coastal Corridor is a practical act of altruism. Looking towards the future a group of landowners came together for for the greater good with the understanding that in order for the planet to survive biodiversity has to naturally occur and in order to do this, species need to be able to travel freely.

Cairnbrogie’s Importance

As an anchor tenant of the initiative Cairnbrogie is leading the Robberg Coastal Corridor initiative.

To find out more about the importance of biodiversity for our species please see more from Eden to Addo, pioneers in biodiversity conservancies.

robberg coastal corridor
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